Best way to buy pokemon cards?

A lot of people who buy pokemon products probably don't know where to buy Pokemon cards from. 

People will go to places like Walmart, Target and Amazon. 

While there is nothing wrong with being a consumer at these retail locations, there's still a few drawbacks.

1.) Pricing: Most of the time at big box locations, Pokemon products have a high cost. This is because the Pokemon Company has a suggested retail price on every product (MSRP).  The big box locations ( target, walmart) don't have to worry about their high prices because they have income from the other thousands of products in their stores. 

So if you're trying to save money going to these stores aren't your best option. 


2.) Product availability: Most of the time, big box stores won't have products you're looking for. Their shelves will be empty or they won't have booster boxes (booster boxes are cost efficient compared to most products).


3.) Trustworthy products: while Amazon is a good place for most items you'd need, it's not always the best for Pokemon products. A lot of people are mislead thinking Amazon themselves are supplying you with Pokemon products. Amazon holds Pokemon products in their warehouses for other businesses, they don't pay attention to details, they just receive and ship these items for other businesses. 

So when a customer receives a pokemon product and decides they want to reseal the product and send it back, Amazon doesn't check to see if the product is tampered with. Amazon is " too big to fail" so they will just "write it off" when it comes to you resealed and you ask for a refund. 


Benefits of buying from HuskycardsTCG:

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3.) shipping is STILL fast even if we aren't Amazon prime( depending on location ) 

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